What the Bible Says about Love: Watch out for love!

We warn our children to watch out for danger, but let’s encourage them to be watchful of kindness.

Source: What the Bible Says about Love: Watch out for love!

God Loves All People

Deuteronomy 33:3: “Surely God loves people! All the holy ones are in Your power, and at Your feet, they sit to receive Your word.”


Holy Father, we have no hope
of holiness
apart from You.

Your Word speaks to us.
Your Word guides us.
Your Word falls on us at Your feet.

Help us to think of holiness
as the wholeness, perfection,
found only in You.

Some think of this as being –
or acting – better
than everyone else,
but that’s not it at all!

You love everyone!
You show no favoritism,
no matter how much we try to get
Your attention
with our loud voices
or goody-goodness.

Thank You, Father,
for helping us to be well-rounded –

Thank You for forgiving everything unholy in us –
wholly –
and for filling in the holes
in us with Your Word
that calls all good and goodness
into being.

Praise You, LORD, for keeping us
wholly in You.

Thoughts: God loves everyone equally with no partiality and no favoritism shown, but I wonder if God likes us all the same? Maybe not! Let’s ask God, “What part of me need forgiveness, winsomeness, or healing?”

Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2016

Who do we believe?

God tests our love and loyalty by seeing whether we believe God’s Word – or not.

Deuteronomy 13:3,6: “Do not listen to the words of false prophets or the false hopes of dreamers for the LORD your God is testing your love and loyalty.”


Holy Father,
I don’t want any God but You.
You alone do I want to follow.

Then a friend comes along
with what sounds like a good idea
that isn’t scriptural!

All sorts of issues have come up
since Bible days when some peoples
worshiped the moon
but never expected us to land on it!

Pontius Pilate once said,
“What is truth?”
which seems harder to discern today
since people think that whatever they think
is true.

But You, LORD,
didn’t keep us guessing.
You knew we would want to know
what You want,
for the truth can only be found in You.

Help us neither to be led astray
nor lead others away from You.

Thank You for giving us Your word
in the Bible
and Your Word in Christ.

Give us now a strong desire
to read the Bible, cover to cover,
again and again,
so we can get to know You better
and know – without a doubt –
the truth of Your love for us.

Thoughts: Listening to God means listening to what the Bible says and shows. Loving God means caring enough to follow the Lord into the truth that only God can bring.

Mary Harwell Sayler, © 2016

Bible Reviewer: Holman NKJV Giant Print Reference Bible

Having trouble seeing the too-small print that most Bible publishers have been using? The new giant print reference Bible from Holman comes in an easy-to-read 14-point font on nice paper with a long-lasting leather cover.

Source: Bible Reviewer: Holman NKJV Giant Print Reference Bible

Bible Reviewer: NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

Time traveling into the Bible becomes imaginable, thanks to the new NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, which Zondervan kindly sent me to review.

Source: Bible Reviewer: NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

Praise Poems: Thumbs don’t seem important, Lord

May God help us to accept, embrace, and appreciate ourselves and one another in the Body of Christ in Jesus’ Name.

Source: Praise Poems: Thumbs don’t seem important, Lord

What God requires

Serving God serves fairness. Loving God means loving other people and treating everyone fairly.

Deuteronomy 10:12: “People of God, what does the LORD God require of you but to revere the LORD your God and hold Him in awe as you walk in His ways and as you love and serve the LORD your God with your whole heart and being.”


Lord, we hear the word
“awesome!” so often,
it doesn’t mean much,
and yet to You alone
it applies.

Of You alone
are we in awe,
but, Lord, some people
think You’re awful!
They say Your way
of justice is unjust
or mean as You permit
an eye for an eye.

What they don’t get
is that justice rests in
fairness, impartiality,
equality – even if
the maximum punishment
to the taker of an eye
is an eye – but one eye only.

It’s like hearing another ruling
on the Golden Rule:
Whatever you do to others
eventually will be done to you.

LORD, please help my whole being
align with Your golden measures.

Help me to be aware
of the goodness in You
and Your children
who hold You in Most Highest

Thoughts: Life may not be fair, but God is! Serving the LORD serves fairness, huge portions of love, and maybe a golden glimmer of the awesomeness we reflect as we are made – and remade – in the image of God.

by Mary Harwell Sayler, © 2016